Ground-breaking completely transparent deck of playing cards with clear ink print. 100% waterproof including the box.

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The invisible playing cards

The invisible playing cards

The AQUA playing cards really is the closest thing to an invisible deck of cards which you can still physically hold.

The closest thing to an invisible deck of cards

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This is AQUA

Take a closer look at the ground-breaking invisible deck on video.

5 things you should know about

AQUA playing cards

Raised Gloss Embossing

The AQUA deck is made using a very smart arrangement of state of the art printing and production machinery which together, can produce amazing results. We use premium transparent plastic card stock which we then apply high-gloss transparent print with pinpoint accuracy, to certain areas of the playing cards to produce a sleek raised gloss embossed effect. The thickness of the deck is pretty much like a standard deck of cards.

AQUA thumb fan

Easy Fanning

The finishing used on this deck is unique. Most plastic playing cannot perform like a normal deck of cards in that they stick together in clumps. Not the Aqua deck as it was designed for performing with so you can make beautiful fans easily. The Aqua deck was designed and specially developed to be used for shuffling, springing, faroing, fanning, cutting etc so they can be used seamlessly for performing with such as magic tricks in close up card magic. Transparent cards are used quite often now to bring a new dimension into card magic.

Easy Fanning

Bend It

The Aqua deck is made from premium quality transparent plastic card material with flexible high gloss printing so it can be bent without any issues whatsoever.

Bend It

The Tuck Box

Using a frosted transparent plastic box material and applied different densities of high gloss printing to be completely transparent deck of playing cards.

AQUA tuck box

Completely Waterproof

The AQUA deck is made from plastic, even the box, you can dump the complete deck into a tank of water, drop it in the toilet, throw a drink at it, throw the entire deck into a swimming pool or a pond, and it will still be fine.

AQUA tuck box

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Customizing your cards

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